15 Profitable Blogging Niches with Low Competition in 2021

The blog site has a lot of popular niche ideas. If you work with any of these as a newcomer, you will definitely be able to build yourself as a successful blogger in this sector. If you want to monetize your blog site, all you need to do is develop good articles and content to attract readers and bring traffic from search engines. And for that, you need to select a perfect profitable niche.

Profitable Low Competition Bloging Niche

Profitable Blogging Niches with Low Competition

We know that if we can find low competition and high CPC niche then we can grow shortly. So in this article, we will discuss 15 low competition niches for blogging.

1. News Niche

This is one of the best niches. If you work with this site, you can easily get Adsense. If necessary, start working by talking to some journalists.

2. Technical Niche

You can publish articles on various issues, problems, reviews, tools, technical ideas on the blog site.

3. Job Search Niche

You can post various job news on your site. You can also post on your site the details of which company is hiring people for which category. This is the best niche.

4. Education Niche

You can post various education-based articles on your site. You can also create reading in video format and put it on your site. Everyone, big or small, will benefit from this.

5. Travel Niche

If you’re a travel enthusiast, Travel Nish may be the perfect niche idea for you to start blogging. You can start writing about the cities of your choice, the cities that are popular.
Going to a new place, you can also start writing about what you have learned. You can write about different cultures, histories, languages, their festivals, food.

6. Health-related Niche

The health niche is one of the most profitable niches for Blogger. You can share various healthcare tips and tricks. For this, you need to work on the fast way and post various tips guide articles on healthcare. If necessary, you can work with the advice of an experienced doctor.

7. Fitness Niche

The Fitness topic for blogging is a niche with tremendous potential. It is possible to easily monetize by writing about this niche. You can write all the nice writings on this topic in your blog.

8. Training Niche

You can share various training stories, experiences, tips, and guides on the blog. Some of the trainers started talking to him. Best is an idea.

9. Cars Niche

You can discuss various issues of the car in your blog. In this way, you will get a lot of ideas. How to take care of the car? What are the things to keep in mind when buying a new one? You can write on the blog about these different issues. This is how you can create a good blog.

10. Poetry or Story Niche

You can post different stories and poems on your site. You can start with a few authors.

11. Food Niche

A foodie always goes to many sites to find good food. Your site will be the best if you can do it with the right guidelines.

12. Cooking Niche

You can put various cooking-related articles in the blog. Add cooking recipes, cooking videos to your blog. It would be good if you could do something unique.

13. Kitchen Niche

You can make a blog site about what kind of things are needed for kitchen work. If necessary, you can do guest writing with a professional feed maker.

14. Relationship Niche

Relationship niche is one of the most lucrative niche ideas. Every human life has a story of love, relationships. You can post these in the form of stories.

15. Beauty Niche

Beauty is very popular among girls. If you can build your site with the right guidelines. This will be the best niche.
You can also build your site with many more things. All that is needed is to be determined.

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