25 YouTube Stats and Facts – For a Better Marketing Strategy

 During this lock down, when people were imprisoned in their homes, they made full use of social media platforms to end their boredom. And even then, when they had nothing to do, then they would do something.

25 YouTube Stats and Facts – For a Better Marketing Strategy

As a result, platforms such as YouTube, in particular, saw a huge amount of new traffic on their platform. It was all new people traffic. Seeing these types of things, now companies have turned towards the digital world. Due to this, people’s attention has started turning towards future marketing purposes.

Here in today’s article, we will learn about the top 25 YouTube statistics which will help you in future to implement better and effective marketing strategies. All these strategies are going to provide you better results than other traditional marking strategies in 2021. For all this, you can use a great online video tool.

YouTube 2021 Stats and Facts

Here we go through some of the most popular things in YouTube statistics.

1. YouTube has over 2 billion active users every month.

Sometimes people watch a YouTube account without ever creating an account; Therefore, the number is likely to reduce the actual number of people viewing the content every month.

2. YouTube has developed local versions in more than 100 countries in recent months.

YouTube provides support for 80 different languages ​​that cover 95% of the worldwide Internet population.

3. More than 74% of adults in the US use YouTube.

This exceeds Facebook’s US audience, which is approx. 68%, and that’s twice as much as Instagram, which is approx. 40% YouTube is known as the most popular social media platform for Americans.

4. The average length of a video on the first page of YouTube is 14:50.

The YouTube search engine puts together popular videos and other videos on demand.

5. YouTube is the second most visited website in the world.

YouTube is right after its parent website Google.

6. Video will account for 82% of global traffic by 2022.

This means YouTube alone can make its own case for allocating more budget for videos and business-to-business marketing to your business.

7. It is also the second most used social media platform in the world.

In this regard, YouTube is only slightly behind Facebook.

8. On YouTube, people regularly watch more than an hour of videos.

It is an incredible amount of material that is consumed by people all over the world. It may sound impossible, but the following statistics can help you believe it.

9. On average, viewers over the age of 18 spend 41.9 minutes on YouTube.

Use is on all devices such as mobile, desktop or laptop, sometimes even connected to TV. With an average of 4.9 hours per week, you can limit that time to 255 hours per year.

10. 40.9% of YouTube Watch takes place on smartphones.

But lately, this number is decreasing as people spend more time watching YouTube on TV. Still, smartphones make up a significant portion of the viewing time.

11. YouTube creators are more effective than celebrities in increasing brand recognition.

YouTube influencers are constantly changing the market rule book. It has proved to be a great tool for marketing new brands and well-known brands to the audience than any other advertisements.

12. The average number of people checking YouTube is 8.89 pages per day.

People stick around for some more content, so they have to check nine pages in one login. This increases both the total viewing time and the number of content sources consumed.

13. Video views have increased more than 50% in the past year with a change in title.

Globally, the video debuted in the title has been viewed more than 9 billion times in the past year. More than 66% of people worldwide have used YouTube to develop a new hobby or skill in the past year.

14. People have watched 100 billion hours of gaming on YouTube.

There are over 40 billion active gaming channels on YouTube, which means that online games have become more popular today and time, with over 80000 gaming channels having a minimum of 100,000 subscribers.

15. YouTube Content is the new store clerk.

People are always interested in detailed reviews about various products that they are about to buy. YouTube is considered the perfect platform for the purpose these days.

16. 72% of people have used YouTube to work or stay fit in the recent past.

Their headline saw a more than 515% increase in videos related to home workouts in March alone. Daily videos on how to perform a deadstand and other dance workouts increased by 195%.

17. The daily views under the search of home office have also increased in recent times.

Daily uploads of videos related to household activities have increased up to 700% in today’s time.

18. Daily YouTube live streams also increased by 45%.

53% of Livestream viewers watched Livestream, helping them connect with people in times of separation.

19. 50.9% of business practitioners have started using YouTube to generate leads.

This makes YouTube the most used social media platform for marketing. This increases Facebook and LinkedIn by 48.5% and 33% respectively.

20. YouTube has reduced the number of support calls.

Up to 43% of video marketers have observed that video has reduced the number of support-calls in recent days. It’s easier to watch a short video about a product than to call for help.

21. 70% of viewers buy from a brand after watching them on YouTube.

It has been seen that in recent times people have gained trust in online companies and shops, which led to increased purchases.

22. YouTube advertising targets target purchases by 100% compared to those targeted by marketing demographics.

YouTube has also increased the ad recall percentage to 32%. When you add all the demographics and its intent, it only increases the ad performance a little.

23. The popularity of Branded YouTube is increasing slowly.

Despite stiff competition among millions of creators and brands, views on branded video content have increased by 99%.

24. YouTube aims to make $5.56 billion in ad revenue in 2021 alone.

This amount is only double what YouTube earned from ads in 2020. Therefore, its purpose is to buy more people from ads on YouTube in many formats.

25. The number of channels that earn $ 10000 or more per year has increased by 50% in recent years

And at the same time, the number of channels earning $10,000 per year has increased by 50%.

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