3 easy Ways to Remove login Password of Windows 10

3 ways to easily Remove the login Password from Windows 10. In this article, we will know how to turn off the windows 10 login password. Windows 8 also have the same type of settings. So, Windows 8 users also can follow these steps to remove their windows login screen.

Remove Password Windows

1st Way to Remove Password from Windows

Firstly, click on the Start button. Now above the power menu, you can see the settings icon. Secondly, go to settings. After that, you can see the Accounts option. Now, click on this. Now, on the left side, you have a sign-in option. Click on this. Then, find require sign-in and change it to never. Thirdly, on the above require sign-in option you can see the Password/Windows hello pin option. Now click on change. Then enter your current password and click on next. After that, keep blank the new password section and click on next. At last, you can see your account does not have a password below the password option. Now your login password and screen removed successfully. In this way, you can remove your login password from windows 10 easily. In conclusion, we recommend you, use the lock on your PC. Because security is the main priority.

2nd Easy Way

  1. Open settings
  2. Go to Accounts
  3. Click on Sign-in options
  4. Change requires sign-in to never
  5. Click on Password/Windows hello pin above require sign-in
  6. Click on Change Password
  7. Enter your current password and click Next
  8. now keep blank these 3 boxes and click Next
  9. You can see Your account does not have a password below the Password
  10. Done, In this way, you can turn off the windows 10 login screen and password.

In this simple way you can remove login password from windows 10. In conclusion, we recommend you to don’t turn off your password. Because security is our main priority.

3rd Easiest Way

In this paragraph, we give you the shortest and easiest way to remove login password from windows 10. Firstly, click on the search button in the taskbar. Now search for Password. You can see change your password, click on it. Change the require sign-in option to never. And change the password to blank. If any doubt then you can follow the 1st or 2nd option for proper instruction.

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