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Hello friends, the internet, known as an integral part of our daily lives. Using this internet, many are climbing to the golden peak of their dreams. Again, many roam the blue world.
Secret Internet Tricks
Honestly, this is a blessing for us. If we can include its proper users. However, we will not talk about it now. The subject of our discussion today is a little different. Today you are going to know some interesting information about this huge magic. If you don’t know them, all your internet knowledge is useless. We can’t even imagine how big the state of the internet is. This state is constantly happening / how many known-unknown events. But, there is something in it, which is very surprising and worrying. If you want to know what these are, then sit back.


Many people only know Google when it comes to the internet. What they don’t even know is that only 10 percent of all the information on the Internet is covered by Google. The other 90 percent of Google is unable to show you. What are you wondering? It’s just the beginning. If you know what I’m going to say now, maybe your eyes will go up to your forehead.
1. Google does more than 200 million searches per second.
What! 200 lakhs? Yes, 200 lakhs!
2. Let’s start the matter a little differently.
It takes us a few days and time to think about something simple.
And when you do a Google search for something, Google thinks more than 200 times before showing you the results that come in a matter of moments. Yes. 200 times.
3. Google buys three companies every month.


1. We are all familiar with the word load shedding. Even if I don’t know, there is no problem because I have read paragraphs in school life.
But did you know there can be load-shedding on the internet?
If you want to know more details about this, you can find out the complete information by searching on Google.
2. Email
In this age of technology, nothing happens without email. But did you know that 204 million emails are exchanged every minute?
3. Did you know?
Is the first website on the internet still there?
4. More than 30 thousand websites are hacked every day. Think your site is safe?
5. Does fear work with viruses?
No problem; It cannot infect your device unless you download it.
6. Radio takes 5 crore users, 36 years. 13 years of television, and only 4 years of mobile.
The truth is something to think about.
7. More than 1 million domains are registered on the internet every month.

Two Dangerous Fact

1. You see how many peaks on the internet. But you know what, ”he said.
2. Now you may not be able to believe what you know.
You would be surprised to know that there are 5 porn pages on the internet instead of a normal and web page. Don’t believe it. Is that so? It is normal not to believe. Because our internet knowledge is still limited to Google. And as I mentioned earlier, the Internet means more than just Google. Again, those who work on the website know that if there is adult content on the web site, Google bans those websites. At Google, we can enjoy less than ten percent of the Internet data. Probably 4-6 percent.


What is the Dark Web? Do we all know that? But I can’t enter.
On this Dark Web, you will find everything you want. And this Dark Web is a dark world of the Internet. This dark world can be generally divided into two parts.
1. Deep web.
2. Dark web
The size of the deep web is more than the size of the Accurate Dark web. Approximately 550 times more.
Where Google is not even close to them. But, How do I know if it is true or false? 
“I don’t know how many adult stories are searched on Google.
But, if you search the Dark Web, millions can come ”.➡ YouTube.
So change the mindset. Become a technology favorite. Keep track of other search engines, not just Google.

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