51 important computer questions

 Friends, through this post, we will get information about 51 important computer questions, which are very important from the point of view of examination and from the point of view of computer knowledge.

These questions are asked again and again in examinations. So if you are preparing for any exam or are interested in gaining knowledge related to computer then this important computer question and answer must be read.

computer multiple choice question answer

Here we will know some very important questions related to computer which are often asked in competitive examinations.

1. Where was the first computer installed in India?

Answer- The first computer in India was installed at the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.

2. When is Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

Answer – Computer Literacy Day is celebrated on 2 December.

3. Considered the most computerized country in the world?

Answer – United States of America is considered the most computerized country in the world.

4. Who built the world’s first supercomputer?

Answer- The world’s first supercomputer was built by C-DAC.

5. Who is called the father of computer?

Answer – Charles Babbage is called the father of computer. Charles Babbage invented the computer in 1822. The name of the computer which was first invented by Charles Babbage is “Differential Engine”.

6. What is called the brain of the computer?

Answer- The brain of the computer is called CPU.

7. What is the data going into the computer called?

Answer- The data going to the computer is called input.

8. What is the full name of BIOS?

Answer – The full name of BIOS is Basic Internal Output System. This word is actually a short form of Basic Input / Output System. This is build-in software that determines what a computer can do without accessing the program from disk. The main function of bios is to boot the operating system on the PC.

9. Who is the inventor of WWW?

Answer- Tim Berners Lee and Robert Cailliau are the inventors of WWW. Together these two invented WWW (World Wide Web) in 1989.

10. What are the two popular output devices.

Answer – Two popular output devices are monitor and printer. Apart from this, other output devices include, Plotter, Projector, Speaker etc.

11. Which device is used to view all types of information or output of computer?

Answer – Monitor is used to view all the information and output of the computer.

12. The medium of output is?

Answer- The medium of output is the printer.

13. The full form of CD ROM is?

Answer – Compact disk read only memory is the complete form of CD ROM. Compact Disk Read Only Memory This is an example of secondary memory.

14. What is the meaning of RAM in computer?

Answer – RAM in computer means Random Acsess Memory. It is a type of computer memory that is accessed randomly. This means that it stores the work being done in the computer in a temporary manner.

15. Computer hardware that can store large amounts of data is called?

Answer – Computer hardware that can store a lot of your volume is called magnetic tape hard disk.

17. Who does not count in the type of memory in a computer.

Answer – Server is not counted in the type of memory in the computer.

18. What is a pen drive?

Answer – Pen drive is an electronic memory. A pen drive is a portable universal serial bus (USB) flash memory device used to store and transfer audio, video and data files to and from a computer.

19. Why is cache memory used?

Answer – Cache memory is used in the computer to remove the speed barrier between the memory and the processor.

20. What is a built in memory of a computer?

Answer- The built in memory of the computer is ROM.

21. At what place does the data remain unchanged when the computer is turned off after saving a file?

Answer- When the computer is turned off after saving a file, the data remains in the secondary storage as it is.

22. What is the full name or full forum of www?

Answer- The full name of WWW is Word Wide Web.

23. How is word length measured in computer?

Answer – The length of a word is measured by byte in computer.

24. The part of a computer system that contains programs or instructions is called?

Answer- The part of the computer system which contains the instructions in the program is called software.

25. What is called when two processors are installed in a computer?

Answer- When two processors are installed in a computer, it is called Parallel Processing.

26. The computer language used on the Internet is?

Answer- The computer language used on the Internet is Java.

27. Which is considered the fastest computer?

answer. Supercomputer is considered the fastest computer.

28. Who is the inventor and promoter of WWW?

answer. The inventor of WWW is the originator Tim Berners Lee G.

29. What is http in URL http: // www?

answer. Http is a protocol in the URL. The full forum of HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

30. What is a browser?

Answer – Browser is a software for searching web pages on the Internet. A web browser is a software that helps you to view and use the content available on the Internet such as articles, images, videos and audios and games etc. available on the blog website. Some of the most popular browsers are Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

31. What is a computer virus?

Answer. Computer virus is a software program which is specially designed to destroy the computer. The full name of VIRUS is Vital Information Resources Under Siege. Viruses are small programs in the computer which are auto execute programs that enter the computer and affect the working of the computer.

32. What is the full form of email?

answer. The full form of email is electronic mail. Raymond Tomlinson (the Father of Email) is called the father of email. By e-mail, a message is sent from one person to another or more people in digital form. It is operated by the Internet.

33. Who is the originator of email?

answer. The originator of the email is R. Tomlinson (Raymond Tomlinson).

34. What is the full form of HTML?

Answer- The full name of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language.

35. What is the full name of https?

Answer – https full name HyperText Transfer Protocol. The HTTPS protocol works on the transport layer of the OSI model. Which is known for layer security.

36. When was the world’s first supercomputer built?

answer. The world’s first supercomputer was built in 1976.

37. What is E.D.P.

Answer- E.D.P is electronic data processing. It is called electronic data processing in Hindi.

38. What is the full form of LCD?

Answer – LCD’s full name is Liquid Crystal Display. This is a flat panel display technology that is commonly used in TVs and computer monitors.

39. What is the full name of OCR?

Answer- The full name of OCR is Optical Charater Recognition. OCR is a technology through which we convert different document like Image PDF File or Handwritten Document etc. into data that the computer can understand.

40. Who created the first computer mouse?

Answer- The first computer mouse was created by Douglas Engelbert. He built it in the 1960s.

41. What is the most commonly used input device today?

Answer – Keyboard is the most commonly used input device today.

42. What does the size of virtual memory depend on?

Answer- The size of the virtual memory depends on the disk space.

43. What is meant by ALU in the context of computer?

Answer- ALU stands for Arithmetic Logic Unit. ALU is called arithmetic logic unit in Hindi.

44. The world’s first electronic computer is?

Answer- The world’s first electronic computer is ENIAC (ENIAC). An abbreviation for electronic numerical integrator and computer.

45. What is IBM?

Answer – IBM is an American multinational information technology company. This company was started in 1911 under the name of Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. The full forum of IBM is International Business Machines Corporation.

46. ​​What is the name of super computer manufactured in India?

Answer – PARAM is a super computer manufactured in India. It is manufactured by C-DAC.

47. The world’s first calculator is?

Answer- The world’s first calculator is the abacus.

48. What is ctrl, shift and alt called?

Answer- Ctrl, shift and alt are called modifier keys.

49. What is Bit?

Answer – bit is the smallest unit of computer memory.

50. What is inaccuracy in computer data called?

Answer – Inaccuracy in computer data is called bug. When a developer makes a computer program, there are flaws in it while creating, which you can call error, defect, mistake, failure or fault, but it is called software bug in technical language.

51. Who invented the microprocessor?

Answer – The microprocessor was invented by Intel. There are mainly two major microprocessor manufacturing companies in the world – Intel and AMD.

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