Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile to Control Recoil in 2021

PUBG(Players Unknown Battleground) mobile is a steadily emerging game. Therefore, it is one of the most popular mobile games. As a result, it has recently developed in eSports. The best PUBG player has the best PUBG sensitivity. Sensitivity is the basic requirement for improving the aim. Firstly, we are about to discuss the best sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile. Secondly, we will give the PUBG mobile sensitivity setting of the best players in the gaming scene.

Sensitivity is a setting in the game, which you have to master for the betterment of your aim. For that, u have to know what are the best sensitivity settings in the game. To set up sensitivity, open the setting menu in the game and follow the given instructions.

Types of Sensitivity

  • Free Look Sensitivity
  • General Camera
  • ADS Sensitivity
  • Gyroscope

Free Look Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

It is the function of the eye button. Firstly, we can see the 360° background without changing the direction of the character. Secondly, we can see while driving a vehicle without changing the direction of movement. The Freelook sensitivity is:

  • 1st Person Camera
  • Parachuting Camera
  • 3rd Person Camera

3rd person camera and the parachuting camera sensitivity are to be the same. Because both are in 3rd person mode. As we have seen 360°, so the sensitivity of around 200 to 250 is good.

Best Free Look Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

1st person camera is the sensitivity of the eye button in FPP mode. So in this mode, we have to look 90° across the screen. Therefore, 1st person camera sensitivity of around 115 to 130 is good.

General Camera

The general camera is the sensitivity setting done to control the movement and direction of the character when it’s not shooting. It has 4 sections, and each section has its role to play.

  • 3rd person no-scope, and 1st person no-scope
  • Red dot, holographic, aim-assist, and 2x scope
  • 3x, Win94, and 4x, VSS scope
  • 6x, and 8x scope

The first section of General camera settings is for close-range hip fire battles. Therefore, more sensitivity means more fast movements and accuracy. So the 3rd person no-scope must be between 150 to 200. But the 1st person no-scopes must be between 100 to 130. This is the Best Camera Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

The second section focuses on close-range duels. As it helps in the shifting aims from one opponent to the other in no time. The red dot, holographic, and aim-assist sensitivity between 100 to 120 is good for quick aim transfers. 2x sensitivity between 125 to 150 is good for both close and mid-range.

The third section solely focuses on mid-range battles. As it includes the scopes like 3x and 4x, which are good for mid-range sprays. This is a very crucial setting, u have to practice in the training ground for your perfect sensitivity, but 3x sensitivity between 85 to 90 is very good in quick spray transfer. The 4x sensitivity between 50 to 80 is considered good.

Best General Camera Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

The fourth section in the list is for long-range aim. As it includes two big scopes of the PUBG Mobile. To find the stability, u need to keep the 6x to 14 and 8x to 10- 12.

ADS Sensitivity Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

The full form of ADS is Aim Down Sight. As a matter of fact, it plays an important role in spray accuracy, and recoil control. Accordingly, setting up the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile means adjusting the ADS sensitivity. ADS is the transition between the camera and the fire. Some players like to keep low sensitivity while some of them want to keep it high. It has the same 4 sections as the General Camera.

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In the first section, 3rd person no scope and 1st person no scope sensitivity is 100. It is the best sensitivity for close-range hip-fire accuracy. When you jiggle to dodge the opponent’s bullets, your ADS becomes your aiming power. Close-range duels generally require some good ADS mastery.

The second section is for scope on close-range duels. The red dot and holographic recoil control require an ADS Sensi of 85. This sensitivity is perfect for quick reflexes, and spray transfers.

The Third section solely focuses on mid-range combats. A sensitivity of 60 and 50 is required for 3x and 4x scope respectively. This sensitivity is best for zero recoil spray control.

Best Ads Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

The Fourth section of ADS sensitivity is for long-range battles. This includes 6x, and 8x scopes. These scopes are used for either single taps or bolt action rifles. 6x sensi of 14 and 8x sensi of 12 is required for accurate aiming.

Gyroscope Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

A Gyroscope is the type of sensor which reacts to the movement of the phone. Some of the best players in the world use Gyroscopes to master their close range, and control recoil in mid-range, as well as long-range. There are mainly three types of gyroscope players: Full-gyro players, who do not use their thumb to aim. Semi-gyro players, who use the thumb to aim and gyroscope for recoil control. Scope-on gyro players, who use the thumb for close and gyroscope for ADS.

It also contains 4 sections as per Camera and Ads sensitivity.

The first section is for close-range hip-fire accuracy and quick transfer of aim. Full gyro players keep the sensitivity between 300 to 350. You need to choose the Best Gyroscope Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile.

The second section is for the red dot and holographic scope. Although players keep it between 190 to 250 for car tracing spray. Moreover, this sensitivity will help to achieve zero recoil spray through practice.

Best Gyroscope Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

The next section is for mid-range sprays and recoil control for guns like M416, DP-28, etc. It includes 3x and 4x scope. Therefore, the best sensitivity is 275 and 245 for 3x and 4x scopes respectively.

The last section is for long-range single-tap weapons like Mini14, Kar98k, etc. The best sensitivity for 6x is 60 and for 8x is 40.

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Sensitivity may be different in different phones. It varies from high-end to low-end phones. Best sensitivity varies from player to player. Some may find it comfortable in low sensitivity, others play in high sensitivity. But according to some of the best players in the world, full gyro players have the best PUBG Mobile sensitivity.

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