How to get Traffic to New Blog? Organic SEO Tips

It is currently proven that content marketing is one of the most effective approaches to marketing. Because of the way an article can attract people to your product, it can’t attract your potential buyer in any other way. Those who understand the theory that content marketing is more effective in promoting products or services have already created separate blogs in addition to creating websites to expand their own business, or many are taking blogs in separate subdomains with their own websites.
How to Get Traffic to New Blog

What are the things to follow to create a functional blog?

You too, understanding the meaning of creating a blog, created your own business website as well as a blog. That’s all right. But if you don’t get any visitors to that blog or the visitors come but no one comments, or no one shares the article or at least likes what you expect, then the purpose of creating the blog completely failed. If you have a certain amount of keywords within a blog article, if people regularly comment on every post on the blog, it can be called a successful blog if more people read the article.

New Blog Website

When your blog is new, the responsibility is much greater. After posting each article on the blog, share it wherever possible. Promote blog articles, not blogs. Post a lot of quality on the blog very quickly. So that those who will enter the blog after hearing about it from you, should not be disappointed to come here, to really get something here, then they will come here regularly, and of course, the reader will also tell his friends to come here. If the reader finds something very important but new in your posts, then only this blog will tell others about it. So we have to look at that. In other words, the posts must be easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

Promoting Own Company

We know content is very important. In your blog, you are posting everything and getting readers but at one point you came and saw that the number of visitors has decreased. Because if you search, you will see that you have started playing T20 matches for branding. You have to understand that even if you play well in a T20 match, you don’t call anyone a good player, if you want to be a good player, you have to play a good Test match. Thinking, talking about branding. Here again, T20 match, why Test match is real.
In every post on the business blog, I am comparing the mindset of running a business campaign with a T20 match. Not made for company advertising. Created to generate some regular readers and visitors to your website. Later those readers will be your clients. If you continue to advertise the company in every post in the hope of very fast results, then you will not lose the reader, the customer will get a long way. You can write in your writing something for the reader to decide so that he can understand for himself, what is appropriate for him. Then he will find your product himself. That means Test matches have to be played. If you can do it, then you will succeed.

Write Userfriendly Article

The main purpose of creating a blog is to create readers who will visit the blog at least once to read new posts. So they have to post the necessary things. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Just writing every day will not do. We have to find out their needs in different ways. We have to create blog posts accordingly. Writing about the things they need will only get the reader, not that. As a bonus, those readers will also promote it to their acquaintances, meaning you are getting the marketing of your content, for free.
It will be easier to understand the matter by giving examples. Suppose you create a blog about graphics. You know, you have to post regularly on the blog. So as a rule you started posting. The title of your first post: What is Graphics Design? And the title of the 2nd post: History of making Photoshop. Not many people are interested in knowing these things. So if you post about something like this, the blog post may increase, but the readership will not increase.

Write Enjoyable Article

Remember, readers of magazines or books and readers of blogs are the same. In many cases, many are very famous as writers, but no one wants to read their writing on the blog. Because maybe there is not much life in their writings. It is very difficult to write in serious language, the reader can not pull it. Simply, if you write something with interesting titles, subtitles and use interesting pictures while writing while posting, its readers are found, very easily. Abandon robotic writing and write in such a way that it feels like you are talking face to face with the reader. Then you will get some regular readers for the blog, who will be waiting for your next post.

Wrong Information

If you fill it by posting on the blog I mean, it’s not just about posting with the goal of increasing the post. Take time out, if you post on any topic, people will be interested in it, in this case, writing about the topic of time can create interest among people. Do a Google search for the keyword you want to write on. You will find good content for your own writing by looking at the content written by others.

Publishing Regular Article

Even if there is no continuity of publishing the text, your readership will decrease. If you can post 2-3 good articles, then you will see that everyone will be waiting to read your next post. From then on, if you can keep a continuity in the time of publication of your post, you will get much better results in a very short time. You can publish new posts on your blog every 4 days. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Add Email Subscribe Option

If your blog has no email information or no RSS feed on your blog, then a reader will not know about your new posts. Because maybe he came to your blog through Google search. And for that your blog should have an email subscription button through which a reader will receive your articles in his email instantly and through this he will be able to know about your new posts regularly. It has also been seen that someone is sending your text to his acquaintances via email which he received through your email subscription.

Sharing Button

Having a social share button with every post on the blog will encourage the reader to share your post on his social media site. If others share the link to the post on their own social media, friends on their account will be able to find out about the post. Then they will also be interested in reading your post on your blog. If 20 people share the blog post on their account and if on average one person has 100 friends then 2000 people will know about your post.

Promote your Website

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Otherwise, no one will know about that post. The more you can promote the post in the media, the more people will know about your product. You can promote the post through social media sites, guest blogging sites, email marketing. In addition, you can link to your blog by creating a link called Blog in the navigation of your main website.

Add site to Search Engine

The success of the blog depends on the number of visitors coming from Google with specific keywords. Properly optimizing the blog post according to the SEO rules will increase the chances of getting it on Google. If the blog post is not indexed by Google Robot, then your blog will lose its acceptability. A survey found that almost every company gets about 45% backlinks from their articles. So it is understood that the link of each post has to be SEOed separately.
Last but not least, post quality posts on the blog at regular intervals. Make sure the posts are SEO friendly. After posting, share them in different media. Make sure you have easy access to your blogs, such as social sharing and email subscriptions. Hopefully, you will be successful if you organize and blog according to the above rules. I don’t see a reason to fail.

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