How to Port Your Number from one SIM Provider to another?

How can your mobile number be ported from one network to another or you can tell how to go to another network company with the same number, i.e. your company also changes but you don’t have to change your own number.

How to Port Any SIM?

Why you want to Port your SIM?

  1. The network of your current telecom company is not accurate.
  2. Your telecom company is giving you expensive offers.
  3. Your current telecom company will inadvertently cut your balance.
This service is called Mobile MNP (Mobile Number Portability) which TRI has made easier for all of you.

How to Port Your Number?

Send the number you want to port to 1900 from the number you want to port and then enter your mobile number. Example: Send ‘PORT 62XXXX92’ to 1900. When you successfully send this message, you will receive a message with a unique porting code-named UPC. Which you have to pay if you want to go to a new telecom company. This means that when you visit a new SIM shop, you will be asked for this UPC code. Let us know that its validity is only for 15 days and when you give these companies and necessary documents (driving license, passport, Aadhaar card, voter ID, or PAN card) to the new company, you will get the port in the new company within 7 days.
You will be provided with a new SIM from the new company but your number will be outdated. You can keep your old SIM on your mobile till your new SIM is activated and it will continue to work properly and on the day it stops working, install your new SIM And this girl will now have your old number with your new SIM.

Some Rules of Porting Number

  1. Your SIM must be 90 days old. The SIM must be 90 days old.
  2. You have not taken any loan for the old SIM. If you are a post-paid customer, please make sure that you have paid all your outstanding bills as of the last bill.
  3. You can port your mobile number to your own number.
  4. If you are a prepaid customer, please note that the Talktime balance porting time will expire.

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