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 If you look at WhatsApp, you will not find any kind of Ads or sponsorship posts. Then how WhatsApp earn? From where the money comes? We need to know the WhatsApp history to reveal this secret. Messages can be exchanged through WhatsApp just like any other messenger application. Here you can exchange any message as well as video or audio calling, photo, video exchange.

How WhatsApp Earn Money without Ads

WhatsApp vs Other Social Media

But there are other things that are interesting and noteworthy when it comes to using WhatsApp. And if you are using WhatsApp, one thing you know very well is that even though WhatsApp is free, no ads are shown here. Where there are so many benefits, using encrypted methods for exchanging messages is free.

Where all other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. make money by showing ads, WhatsApp allows us to use it for free. Where money is not needed, again advertising is not shown here. So now the question may be that WhatsApp earns money. So friends, in today’s tune I will try to discuss in detail how WhatsApp earns money. All you have to do is read the entire tune carefully.

How WhatsApp Earn Money without Ads?

WhatsApp is such an app that you don’t have to make friends talk to anyone. WhatsApp does not have that obligation to chat with someone on Facebook, just like any other platform on WhatsApp. Here, if you have saved the mobile number of the person on the other end of your phone, you can contact him, as we normally do SMS on mobile. There is no charge for speaking here at home or abroad. Free video or audio calling, photo, video exchange can be done in an unlimited way.

WhatsApp’s story began in 2009 when Jon Koum and Brian Action first created WhatsApp. Their idea then was that they would create a platform where no ads would be shown. But they couldn’t make it completely free, because they needed money for everything from running the site, server costs, power costs, staff salaries. They then decided that in order to use WhatsApp, users would have to pay 1 1 a year.

For this, WhatsApp can be used for free for the first year, but if you want to use it from the next year, you have to pay a 1 subscription fee. So it continues like this for five years. Then in 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19 billion and then made WhatsApp completely free. And this is where the main story begins. Now you might think that Facebook is buying WhatsApp for 19 billion and allowing it to be used for free, that’s why they are losing money.

Indirectly WhatsApp Earn Money from Facebook Ads

Facebook is taking advantage of you in a different way by allowing WhatsApp users to use it for free. This is not to say that Facebook is losing money by allowing you to use WhatsApp for free. If you think about this very deeply, you will understand how they are benefiting from you. And for that, you have to understand one thing.

Imagine, you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. Which of my points do you disagree with most? And this is your data. WhatsApp has a lot of data for those of you who use WhatsApp, and Facebook can use that data to find their target audience and show them ads. So many may say that what is this targeted ad?

So look, suppose you need an LED television. Television but your budget is 15000 rupees. Now you search on Google or any e-commerce site to buy that television. Now if you come to Facebook and see that there is a bicycle worth 15 thousand rupees to buy you, but you will not need to buy it normally. Because you need an LED television, not a bicycle.

Here you are to buy that bike but not the real customer. Rather if someone else here had been offered that bike that was interested in the bike, it could have been sold. In this way, if you were shown the advertisement of that LED television on Facebook, you would be their targeted audience. But if you are shown another ad, it will not be of any use to you, just as the company that spends the money showing the ad to you will not be of any use. Where there is nothing but the loss of that advertiser.

However, if you have a son who needs a bicycle, the ad will be useful. Here, if the advertiser shows the ad to your child, then you are their main customer. If you are looking for a bike for your child on an online platform, it will be useful for you as well as the advertiser. So what is it called a targeted ad? Targeted ads are ads that show the person who is interested in you.

Interested Base Ads using User’s Information

So now the question may be how does the company do it? How does a company understand that you are interested in this and that you need to show that product or service?

Your personal information is mainly used here to show ads. Detailed information like where you are, what you are searching for, what you are watching, which tune you are liking more, etc. In the case of Facebook, if this can be considered, then Facebook knows all this information about you. They know better than you do what you love and what you don’t. Here they can analyze all your data and come to a definite conclusion about what you are interested in.

A person needs a lot of data to form a correct idea about a customer or a complete idea about that person’s interest. Here’s a complete idea of ​​who you are by analyzing your usage. Since you have a lot of data on WhatsApp, and they use this data for advertising on Facebook. WhatsApp is mainly used to show ads to the target audience on Facebook. That’s why WhatsApp is also called Facebook’s data collector, where WhatsApp is collecting data for Facebook to show ads to specific people.

Although Facebook initially said that we do not have any user’s information from WhatsApp to show ads. But now WhatsApp has changed that privacy policy. Where they will use your information for Facebook with your permission, which was heard a lot of discussion and criticism a few days ago. If you do not accept the privacy policy, you will no longer be able to use WhatsApp.

My Opinion About WhatsApp Privacy

In the case of WhatsApp, I don’t think there is much to worry about sharing the information with Facebook, because they are taking our information. If we search the internet for something, go to a website or go to Facebook and if we are more interested in a topic then we can see the ads on that topic. Wherever we are tracked and our personal information is taken. What’s wrong with WhatsApp taking our information there too. But the fault here may be that they are telling us not to take any information from us, but to take it secretly or openly.

There is no guarantee that WhatsApp has not already taken your information. In the past, Facebook may have used your information secretly, but now it is doing so with your permission. Here it is up to them whether they have taken your information before. However, the way we are tracked online, we can assume that somehow they may have taken our information.

WhatsApp is currently asking your permission to share your information with Facebook. Where a few days ago they were told all this in new terms. However, there is no reason not to give permission, where you have to agree to their terms if you want to use WhatsApp. And if you don’t agree to their terms, you can no longer use WhatsApp.

Another reason for not showing ads on WhatsApp may be that it is still focusing on increasing its popularity. Their main goal here may be to increase the user base of WhatsApp. But that has brought them a lot of success. WhatsApp currently has about 2 billion active users. Now you may be wondering what will happen to this extra user of WhatsApp if there is no money coming from it.

So look, the main thing in online business is the audience. In the case of online business, the more customers one has, the better one can do business. This is a business strategy. This strategy, however, was first seen in the case of Geo in India. When Geo SIM first came to India, it was given away for free to everyone, as well as endless offers of internet minutes.

No ads are shown on WhatsApp, but there is no guarantee that ads will not be shown on WhatsApp in the future. In the future, when WhatsApp is monetized or advertised, it may be that it will bring them more revenue than Facebook. But who says that WhatsApp is not bringing any benefit to Facebook? WhatsApp is bringing exactly that benefit to Facebook, but much less than the amount to be paid.

As an example, to use WhatsApp’s Business API, you need to pay WhatsApp a certain amount of money. In that case, WhatsApp is earning some amount of money from here. However, WhatsApp is currently not available for free in all countries. In some countries, to use WhatsApp, you have to pay 1 $ as before. They are also earning some money from here. So, WhatsApp is currently making some money, but not the amount of money that WhatsApp needed to make.

In a word, Facebook is currently running at a loss to WhatsApp. Where they are mainly focusing on WhatsApp’s user growth. So, friends, I hope you understand how WhatsApp makes money. Where the WhatsApp app is using Facebook as a data collector and working on its user growth. In addition, if ads are shown on WhatsApp in the future, they will earn the same as Facebook.

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