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If you look at the Wikipedia website there, you will not find any kind of advertising or sponsorship post. Then how Wikipedia earn? Where the money for domain renewal, office, and staff costs comes from, there will be more than a few million rupees spent on web hosting. After my research on this topic, I came to know some of the ways in which Wikipedia generates revenue which we will publish one by one in this article. In addition, we will look at their annual income and expenditure reports in detail and I urge you to read this article at the end because you will learn a lot of new things. Also, we discuss how can we run our business, blog, or website without any kind of advertising or sponsorship?
How Wikipedia Earn Money without Ads

How does Wikipedia make money?

There have 4 ways Wikipedia uses to earn money. They never use Sponsors or Ads for earning. Wikipedia earns money from Grants, Wikipedia store, Investment, Foreign exchange gain. Below we discuss the 4 Ways and how the ways work? Also, we reveal the secret way of earning.


According to the 2018 and 2019 financial reports, Wikipedia received more than $ 120 million from donations. Which is the main source of income for Wikipedia. You will not believe Google donates to Wikipedia frequently. In 2019, Google donated about $ 3 million. There are many other organizations that make annual contributions to Wikipedia, such as Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Craigslist Foundation, etc.

Wikipedia store

The second source of Wikipedia revenue is its own March stores where they sell their own products like T-shirts, mugs, and notebooks. From which they are able to earn a small amount of money. It’s not as much as the grant income there. You can donate directly to Wikipedia if you want or you can help them buy products. Wikipedia is the third way to earn money that very few people know


Wikipedia invests in both the short-term and long-term. From where they were able to get fixed dividends, profits, and long term interest. Investments like fixed deposits, mutual funds, stock markets, or corporate bonds. If you pay close attention to their financial reporting, you will see that Wikipedia almost makes a profit of, 65,500,850. The next and last way to earn Wikipedia from my research.

Foreign exchange gain

Everyone knows what the benefits of foreign exchange are because the whole forex trading industry depends on it. Let me explain to you with this little example for those who don’t know. Suppose you have earned any amount of money from foreign currency. From freelancing sites like Fiber, Upwork, or any other means where the money is always provided in dollars or any currency. And the exchange rate fluctuates daily in India or any other country. Suppose the dollar rate in India is 69 then it is possible to change to 71 from the next day. If the exchange rate is higher than yesterday and you convert the money, you will gain. But if the exchange rate is lower than yesterday and you convert it. Then you are at a loss.
Many people wait for the currency rate to rise yesterday or when the desired rate is low and then convert which is a very smart way to earn extra income This same technology Wikipedia uses to create a fourth source of revenue there. From foreign exchange earnings, Wikipedia has earned approximately 30 30,311 (thirty thousand three hundred and eleven) dollars in their fiscal year 2018-2019.
All four of these ways Wikipedia uses to make money and maintain their site. If you know of any other ways from which Wikipedia makes money please comment we will discuss it.

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