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 Do you know an electronic device called a computer? Do you know about computers? If yes then that is a very good thing. But the information obtained about the computer is less. If you want to know about computer, then this post has been written for you.

I also have a computer. Different questions always come in my mind regarding computer? And while looking for answers to these questions, I came to know that there are many such information about computers, about which I do not know anything. Whatever I learned from this search, I am going to share in this post General knowledge of computer.

computer information

To know more about computer, we have tried to give you information with the help of some questions. That is why read these questions carefully. I hope that you will get very important information related to computer.

What is called data in computer?

Data is a collection of RAW, Facts and Figure where all kinds of processed information are collected and kept. Most of the unorganized and unprocessed facts are visible in the data. Such data are obtained with the help of experiment and survey.

What is Windows?

On the left side of the Windows desktop is an area in which a program based on windows is run. Most of the programs of the computer are run with the help of Windows. Whether it is to open any software or to close the computer, both works are done through the window.

What is a computer program?

A computer program is a collection of instructions, which are given commands by the computer to perform a specific task. A programmer writes to the programme of the computer. With the help of the program, any task is performed in the right computer.
The collection of data related to computer program, libraries and program is also known as software. Computer programs are categorized in a different way, such as application software and system software.
For example, if you want to write a letter in a computer, then you have to use the word processing program of the computer i.e. you have to use Microsoft word.
On the other hand, if you want to record your account in the computer, then you have to do Microsoft Excel wonders on the computer.

What is a drive?

Drives are a hardware component used to store data. Every computer has at least two drives. One is a hard drive and the other is a CD / DVD. The hard drive present in the computer is known as C: drive. And the CD is known as D:drive. If your computer has an external hard drive, then you can create another drive by partitioning it.

What are folders?

Folders are used to properly organize the teeth that are the drivers of beauty. Computer folders are similar to physical folders, in which different data is stored and kept in different folders.

What are the files?

File is a computerized document, a type of information is stored in it.

What are databases?

Database is a collection of many related data which is organized in such a way that users can easily access, update and maintain it. Non redundant data are also stored in the database, so that it can be easily shared to different application systems. Non redundant data maintains consistency between other data.
Databases work to separate the physical storage of data from the application program. This process is known as data independence. In this type of data independence, programmers have no idea how the data is stored.

What is a database management system?

Database Management System is a way to maintain or organize the database in which only successful transactions are stored in the database. A successful transaction is the same in which all the properties of ACID are present. Talking about ACID in detail, its full form is atomicity, consistent, isolated and durable.
Atomicity: In a transaction, atomicity means the complete completion of the transaction is necessary. For example, if you do money transfers, then after deducting money from the account of a sending party, receiving money in the account of the receiving party is an atomicity transaction.
Consitency: Consitency refers to the continuous data transaction in the database.
Isolation – Isolation in the database shows the occurrence of one transaction at a time. It is also called serializability.
Durability: The process of storing long-term data in the Durability Database is called.

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