Minecraft House Tutorial and Ideas

In this article, we learn the Minecraft House Tutorial. Minecraft is an incredible open-world platform that provides a chance to show creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Also, it allows players to interact freely with all the things they might find. From stocking rare items to making useful items (or sometimes useless junk). Secondly, there’s no denying how much this game promotes your self-ability.

One of the favorite aspects of Minecraft is building Minecraft Houses. Firstly, depending on the game mode you’re playing in, you can make a home of your own creative design just anywhere.

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There are no requirements, set boundaries, and no virtual limits (short of the game’s actual physics). Secondly, you can build your house literally everywhere. For example, on the very top of the mountain, river-side, etc.

We are going to explore the magic of Minecraft in this article today; Minecraft houses, and just how creatively adaptable they can get!

Before that, let us start with some building basics.

Basic Minecraft House Building Tutorial

The way of building Minecraft houses is to start easy. You can improve as you collect more resources, but the most important point of a house – at least at first – is having a safe spot you can fall back to when resources start spawning.

But we’re going to give you some grand/smart/innovative house concepts that you can build in Minecraft in this article, so stay tuned!

For now, let us start with a quick tutorial on how to build a house in Minecraft.

Step 1: Build Your Walls

Place all the blocks down as a stack on top of each other to make walls. The length and height of the walls will be based on how many blocks you put down upside and sideways. Secondly, one can use mostly any block for building walls, like dirt, sand, wood, gravel, or cobblestone.

Keep in mind, though, that wood-based blocks are the ones to catch fire easily.

Step 2: Make a Roof

After finishing the walls, you can create roof by placing block on top of them. You must lay them side by side.

Walls can be made with almost every material. Although, they will collapse if you use sand or gravel for the roof.

Step 3: Add the doors

Doors are made through crafting. You’ll need six blocks of any building material. Arrange them in the first and second columns of the crafting table, in a 2-by-3 formation. You can make as many as needed according to the allowance of resources. This Minecraft house tutorial will help you a lot.

Step 4: Light

Monsters comes in darkness, so don’t forget to add many torches in and surrounding your house. Torches are very easy to craft. The things you need is one stick and one coal, or one stick and one charcoal. Both will work.

Step 5: Furnish Your House

Now when you have a safe base, you might consider adding new stuff to it to make it safer and more comfortable (like a real home). For instance, crafting few chests for storage can help to store up more items and resources. Secondly, having a bed can help with your rest and respawn point. And having a furnace in the home can be beneficial for preparing food, smelting ores, and crafting other random blocks.

You can craft a bed using three blocks of wool and any three wooden planks. A chest needs eight planks, of any wood. And a furnace can be crafted from either eight cobblestones or Blackstone.

Step 6: Decorations and Finishing Touches

Once you’re in a spot where you can easily stock materials and resources (to the point where you often have more than required), you can start giving personal changes to your Minecraft house. Consider sealing your walls with concrete, crafting buckets to create water pools, and adding some natural light with windows (or even glass windows for more color). These are all very easy to create. You need to get all the right ingredients. This is the Basic Minecraft House building Tutorial.

Minecraft House Tutorial

Now when you’ve learned the basics for building a Minecraft house, how about some really cool housing ideas? You’ll be surprised to know how lavish, critical, and downright some builds can get. As long as you have the time, the innovative mind, and – most importantly – the resources to craft the things you need, you can certainly create some outstanding housing projects, too.

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Ideas for Cool Minecraft Houses:

Minecraft Medieval House

This Medieval house was build by BlueNerd. This is a simple construction with some traditional style architecture. This build would adjust perfectly in the center of any Medieval village or a forest. Secondly, it is very easy to build from stocked materials, this house could be a great survival place. The following properties are included in the medieval house :

  • A basement includes furnaces and lots of storage. There is a direct access from the basement to the shaft (a small area to ready a furnace).
  • A kitchen is generally on the ground floor. It has a big storage space and one crafting table.
  • On the second floor, you can have a bedroom, a portion collecting area, and a balcony for sniping enemies.
  • On the top floor, you can build a library or extra chilling area.
  • Moreover, you can create a farming region and a stable to rest your royal horses or donkeys.

Minecraft Underground House Tutorial

A recent trend for Minecraft houses is building a basement property, with stairs leading to the entrance to your underground base. To make these outstanding living quarters, you’ll need to clear the space out of the area in which you want to build your base. Then, when you’ve constructed up the walls, stairs, and every other things your property needs, you can stick some glass on the roof to allow some sun rays to shine through. If you plan to keep the plants indoors, this is a great option.

Minecraft Wooden House Tutorial

Your wooden house in Minecraft can be of the size you like. But from the wood-panel mansions to log cabins, your imagination can run wherever they want as long u have resource supplies. Wooden houses are extremely adaptive, easy to stock materials for, and can be build to sooth your Minecraft needs. If you think of upgrading it later on to create more rooms, then you can easily do that as the gathering of materials is easy.


Though, it was a long guide or tutorial article. But we tried to cover all the basic things as well as some ideas about Minecraft House tutorials. We tried to provide you the information needed to enjoy the game by building new house designs. Share your thoughts on this article in the comment section.

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