Simple Way to Know who Read Your SMS on WhatsApp Group

We send some important SMS in WhatsApp Group. Then we want to know, who is read my SMS. Can I succeed to deliver the SMS to everyone? Today in this article we discuss a simple way to know who read my SMS.

who Read Your SMS on WhatsApp Group

Nowadays WhatsApp Group is an easy and fast way to communicate to all people about the cause. In WhatsApp, we can add up to 256 members to a group. Therefore, A lot of times we have to give some information to the WhatsApp group. In this situation how do we know who the information provided by us has reached? If you also want to know who read the message to the WhatsApp group and who didn’t read so, read this article carefully. Below we give you complete information to know who read your message in the WhatsApp group.

Who Read my SMS on WhatsApp Group?

  • Select the message which you send to a WhatsApp Group
  • click on 3 dots which is in the upper right corner
  • click on Info
  • Now you can see your group members name with 3 categories
  • Read by, Delivered to, and Remaining

In this paragraph, we discuss, how to know who read my messages on WhatsApp Groups? Firstly you need to select the message. Find out the messages which information you want to know. Now, select the message. Secondly, click on 3 dots. The 3 dots will show in the upper right corner of WhatsApp after selecting the message. Thirdly, click on the Info option. Now you can see your WhatsApp group members in 3 categories.

The first one is read by some members with time and date. They already read your SMS at the specific time here mentioned. The second one is delivered to some members with a time. Here the members received the messages at the specific time mentioned here, but they were not read your SMS yet. Most importantly, at the last, you can see Remaining some members. Therefore, they not received the SMS yet. So, they are in the Remaining section.

Hope you all now can check who read your SMS in WhatsApp groups. Similarly, you can read more hidden WhatsApp tricks here. If this article is helpful to you then you can share it with your family and friends.

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