Types of Internet

 We have already told you about what the Internet is. But have you ever wondered how many types of internet are there? Or there is only one form of internet. If such a question comes in your mind as well.

So you must read this post because in this post you will get the types of internet as well as other important information related to internet like how many types of internet connections are there? What is the type of internet network? You will know about all these topics in detail.

What are the types of internet?

As we all know Internet is a huge network of computer networks. By the way, the Internet has no type of its own. But many questions arise from the Internet which make you think. Like how many types of internet networks are there? What are the types of internet connections?

So, if seen in this way, the type of Internet can be shown on the basis of connection.

Internet connection type

You must have heard about internet connection before. Internet cannot be run without internet connection. Where the Internet is a network of computer networks, all the work of the Internet is done through an Internet connection. There are many different types of Internet connections.

1. Dial-up Connection / PSTN (Public Service Telephone Network) Connection

When Internet services are provided to a computer via a telephone line. That work is then done through a dial up connection. In this way, the facility of giving internet from telephone line to computer is called dial up connection.

In the dialog connection, a temporary connection is made between the computer and the IP server. Such connections are made with the help of modem. This connection is relatively cheaper than other connections. The data used in such a connection is measured in kbps and mbps.

2. ISDN Connection

Integrated Service Digital Network is more expensive than dial up connection. But its speed is higher than dial up connection. And this connection works much better.

3. Leased Line Connection

Leased line connection is a telephone line connected to computers and IP servers. This type of connection can be used 24 hours a day. This connection is more expensive than other connections.

4. Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)

This Internet connection is also known as Geosynchronous Satellite because such connections are connected to Geo-Synchronous Satellite. Such connections are mostly carried out in works like telecommunications and information services.

There is a special kind of ground station. The means between which information is exchanged with the help of VSAT is called Hub.

5. Broadband Connection

In this connection, only the telephone wire is used to deliver computers to the Internet. In this way the connection is used to access high speed internet data. The cost of this type of connection is slightly higher than other connections. Broadband connection provides high speed data to the user in 4 ways

  1. Digital subscriber line (DSL)
  2. Cable modem
  3. Fibre Optic
  4. Broadband over power line

6. Wireless Internet Connection

In this type of internet connection internet services are provided to the user without any telephone wire. No wire is used in such a connection. In this type of connection internet facilities are provided to the device through radio frequency band. These types of connections are very good, but this connection does not work if there is no network covering area.

7. Satellite Internet Connection

This type of internet connection is established with the help of satellite. With the help of satellite signal, the connection transmits the data to the user.

8. Mobile Internet Connection

This type of internet connection is mostly used in mobile. This type of internet connection is given by telecom service provider companies in some different kind of plan. Users buy these plans according to their usage and work on the internet through tap connection.

What is connectivity?

It is only through connectivity that a person is able to use Internet services in any mobile, computer or computer network. Internet facility cannot be obtained in any mobile or computer without connectivity. Connectivity is the act of connecting the Internet to mobiles and computers. The process when a device connects to the Internet using an Internet connection is called connectivity.

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