What is SEO? Learn Full SEO Course in Easiest Way

 SEO means search engine optimization. Many people want to learn SEO. SEO needs to know why you don’t go online now. SEO is very easy and very difficult. You can easily learn SEO if you want.

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Easy SEO

There are two meaningful parts to the word search engine optimization. One is Search Engine and the other is Optimization. So SEO is a kind of technical web strategy to optimize search engines. It can also be called in another way – Search Engine Optimization is the strategy or process of bringing a blog/website from different search engines to a good position or first page of search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of trying to get a website or webpage to the top of the list of search results by search engine users. SEO is not a single task, but in many cases, a method associated with different types of work called the integrated method.

Usually, a search engine web crawler or search robot or search spider almost always has a webpage on the web moving from one webpage to another and in the same way from one website to another. These robots or spiders or crawlers collect various information and organize it into specific categories and display it on the search engine results page according to the search engine user’s searched word or phrase. This crawler focuses on a variety of topics. Subjects can be categorized into two parts.

  1. OnPage or website content
  2. OffPage topics

Notable among the on-page or website content are:

  • The title of the website
  • Meta Description of the website
  • Website meta keyword tags
  • The titles or names of the images used on the website
  • Alt tags for images used on the website
  • The caption of images used on the website
  • Interaction between different pages of the website
  • External links to other websites
  • Connected words etc.
  • Notable off-page or off-site topics include:
  • Discuss on social shares or social sites
  • The number of backlinks or links to other websites etc.

Where to Learn?

There is no easy or short way to do SEO. SEO is a huge process that is constantly changing. Most of which are always updated and changed. However, if you know and understand the basics of SEO well, you can easily understand everything that changes over time, no matter how much it changes.

Doing good courses at BITM of BASIS at low cost. There are also scholarships under SEAP. If you google it, you will find the names of many organizations including Creative IT.

Where to Work and Earning or Benefits of this SEO

In addition to freelancing, the demand for SEO skills in various organizations is increasing. Mazharul Islam is working as an SE in a private company. He said the demand for work is huge. The salary is good.

There is no shortage of workspaces for a skilled search engine optimizer. Now, you can start working in online marketplaces including Fiber, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru.com. Thousands of search engine optimization jobs are being added to these sites every moment. The search engine optimizer should increase its own branding value by doing something in the local market if possible. It guarantees to get a job nationally or internationally. Besides, the buyer will be happy if he can do a good job by completing the initial tasks well. Then they will work to find you if necessary. If you can work outside the marketplace, your income can also increase. So it should work as well as possible. Among the tasks that are usually found in online marketplaces is search engine optimization, bringing a site to Google’s No. 1 ranking, forum posting, link building, on-page optimization of the site, bookmarking, and various other tasks. Depending on the site’s keywords, a site can usually fetch between 200 and হাজার 1,000. In addition, other work can be done from a minimum of ২ 2 to ২০ 20 per hour. Also available at a fixed price from ১০ 10 to ২০০ 200 by forum posting, link building, backlinks, or bookmarking. But it basically depends on how much time you spend here and what keywords you need to work on. However, usually, a skilled search engine optimization can easily earn from 20/30 thousand to millions of rupees a month.

If you have some basic knowledge you can learn SEO, for example:

Basic Computer Knowledge: Must have an idea about the general use of your computer. You need to know how to operate the computer properly.

Internet knowledge: You must have basic internet knowledge. We need to have an idea of ​​what the Internet is and what we can do with it.

Ideas about browsing: You need to know about internet browsing. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

English Skills: To be good at freelancing you need to have a good command of English. If you have a good knowledge of English, you will be able to better understand the work of SEO. Because, if you want to know about SEO updates, you have to study a lot and it is definitely in English.

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