Why is My Phone Charging Slow? Fixed

As your smartphone gets older, it starts to have more problems. But the biggest problem is slowing down the phone. But at the same time, there are a lot of smartphone users who also complain about the slow charging of the phone. This is a big problem with older phones. The charging time of the phone increases a lot and because of this, the users have to face many problems. But this is not a problem that cannot be solved. You can fix it yourself. But before we know the solution, we know why the charging of the phone is slow.

Why is My Phone Charging Slow

Why is My Phone Charging Slow?

If your smartphone has expired and its charging is slow, there are basically 3 reasons behind it. Which we have further mentioned.

1. Power Adapter

As they get older, power adapters often cause the phone to break down or slow down. The same problem occurs. Sometimes the plugs are bad, sometimes there can be problems in the slot with the charging wire. Not only that, as the phone gets older, the dust in the socket also makes a difference in charging the phone. Charges the phone but slows down. Also, check the best Power Adapter for fast charging.

2. Charging Cable

I tell you that everything has its own life cycle and after a while, it gets ruined. Although many times things go long, not every time. The same goes for the charging cable. The top of the wire may have a thick plastic cover but there is a thin cable inside which is quite fragile. Not only this, with the help of cable you can do welding. If your phone is charging slowly in such a situation, it may also be due to the cable. Sometimes the charging of the wire is also slow due to the dust of the connector.

3. Power Slot of Mobile

You know very well that the charger is connected three times while charging. We have seen two connections but it is very important to see the connection of the phone. Most of the slow charging complaints are due to this slot. Sometimes the slot is damaged but sometimes the problem is due to dust or moisturization in the slot. Most of the complaints are dusty.

4. Why for Software is my phone is slow?

You must be wondering what to do with charging the software. But I would say that it has a lot to do with the software. Many times software updates happen due to the phone getting hot or slow while charging. Do not update the phone and there are problems because of this.

You have to fix these 4 issues to fix slow charging. Read, How to Fix Slow Charging issues? After that, you can easily fix this. Hope you all understand why is my phone charging slow?

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